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 Twilight Actors and Actresses. IMPORTANT!!

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PostSubject: Twilight Actors and Actresses. IMPORTANT!!   Sun Oct 11, 2009 8:45 am

Please do not use any of them for a character other then in the Twilight Saga.
More will be added as they become named.

Twilight characters Actors and Actresses

Kristen Stewart Bella Swan November 16, 2007
Robert Pattinson Edward Cullen December 11, 2007
Peter Facinelli Carlisle Cullen February 12, 2008
Elizabeth Reaser Esme Cullen February 13, 2008
Ashley Greene Alice Cullen February 12, 2008
Kellan Lutz Emmett Cullen February 12, 2008
Nikki Reed Rosalie Hale February 12, 2008
Jackson Rathbone Jasper Hale February 14, 2008
Cam Gigandet James February 8, 2008
Rachelle Lefèvre Victoria February 12, 2008
Anna Kendrick Jessica Stanley February 7, 2008
Edi Gathegi Laurent February 21, 2008
Christian Serratos Angela Weber February 21, 2008
Taylor Lautner Jacob Black February 21, 2008
Michael Welch Mike Newton February 11, 2008
Justin Chon Eric Yorkie February 7, 2008
Billy Burke Charlie Swan February 21, 2008
Sarah Clarke Renee Dwyer February 21, 2008
Solomon Trimble Sam Uley March 5, 2008
Gil Birmingham Billy Black February 21, 2008
Gregory Tyree Boyce Tyler Crowley February 21, 2008
Matt Bushell Phil Dwyer April 8, 2008
Ned Bellamy Waylon Forge April 12, 2008
José Zúñiga Mr. Molina April 12, 2008
Ayanna Berkshire Cora
Krys Hyatt Embry Call
Catherine Grimme Young Bella
Katie Powers Amber
Trish Egan Ms. Cope

Quileute tribe

Jacob Black Taylor Lautner
Billy Black Gil Birmingham
Emily Young Tinsel Korey
Harry Clearwater Graham Greene
Sam Uley Chaske Spencer
Quil Ateara Tyson Houseman
Embry Call Kiowa Gordon
Paul Alex Meraz
Jared Bronson Pelletier

Vampire Nomads
Role Actor
Laurent Edi Gathegi
Victoria Rachelle Lefevre

The Volturi
Aro Michael Sheen
Jane Dakota Fanning
Caius Jamie Campbell-Bower
Heidi Noot Seear
Marcus Christopher Heyerdahl
Alec Cameron Bright
Demetri Charlie Bewley
Felix Daniel Cudmore

Jessica Stanley Anna Kendrick
Angela Weber Christian Serratos
Mike Newton Michael Welch
Eric Yorkie Justin Chon
Gianna Justine Wachsberger
Tyler Crowley Gregory Tyree Boyce

Julia Jones and Boo Boo Stewart will portray Leah and Seth Clearwater in Eclipse.
Catalina Sandino Moreno is cast as Maria in Eclipse.
Jack Huston is cast as Royce King in Eclipse.
Jodelle Ferland is cast as a "newly turned vampire" in Eclipse.
Xavier Samuel is cast as Riley in Eclipse.

Check the face claims to see who we have. thanks.

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Twilight Actors and Actresses. IMPORTANT!!
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